Chatbots have been created to allow engagement with website/software users and conversational experiences on websites, software, mobile devices, and on popular chat platforms such as Facebook Messenger, or Slack. With the advent of speech recognition, artificial intelligence and natural language processing, chatbots that simulate human conversation and dialogue can now be found in organizations, call centers and as personal assistants.

Benefits of a Chatbot

Visitor(Prospect) engagement

Engaging the visitor who comes to the site using properly curated chatbots and their conversations can be differentiating factor for any business. These chatbots can also detect the returning visitor and pose conversations accordingly. Such chatbots can be deployed most commonly to the website, mobile applications and common chat platforms like Facebook and Slack.

Customer delight

Carefully curated Chatbots can cater to all of the customer queries and address almost all issues without human intervention. Situations like queries about customer accounts, activation or deactivation of services, account details, intiation of certain workflows, which hitherto required human intervention, could be handled deftly by bots.

Faster workflow automation in software

Imagine a world where more than 75% of the customer queries are handled by the chatbots and transferring less than 25% of the inquiries to the human workforce! Once the decision making arrives at a point where the chatbot is unable to handle, it will automatically raise a ticket to the appropriate department. This department can then handle the queries. Thus the time required for managing the queries or the issues has been reduced to 25% of what it would effectively take.

Augmenting skilled workforce automation

Chatbots can be deployed internally within an organization to cater to its employees. Properly articulated Chatbots can take care of HR queries, handle Admin issues, carry out important tasks like leave management of an employee, manage trainings and even take critical surveys. If the queries or issue handling becomes unmanageable, the appropriate skilled workforce is engaged to cater to those requests.

How can we help you

BRIQUE Technology offers a variety of chatbots like:

  • A Website engagement chatbot that is targetted to make sense of that un-bounce rate.
  • A software chatbot to speed up internal bot processes

and services around chatbots

  • steps to curate the perfect conversation around a chatbot
  • integrate marketing with technology to create the perfect response mechanism

The chatbots have been designed to work merely by a plug and play mechanism. This is backed by a “simple-to-use” backend panel.

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