BRIQUECRM is a Customer Relationship Management software designed to significantly aid your team to close leads and track deals faster. BRIQUECRM focuses on everything from tracking leads to expense management.

How Will BRIQUECRM help me

Basically, the benefits of the software are:

  • Track the lifecycle of the your lead and then your prospect in great details. Maintain detailed logs of conversations with your leads, prospects and clients. Never miss a single thread of a conversation. Reassigning and juggling the lead within staff and handlers becomes very simple. Also, you can track the stage at which each lead inquiry is at. This helps you to take quicker and pragmatic decisions and close the deals faster.
  • Better-manage your customers and orders. Track customer payments. Create multiple payment schedules for customers. Track progress stage wise customer payments.
  • It is a complete Sales and Marketing ecosystem that contains Lead Management, Marketing Campaigns, Reports, Expenses Management, Customer tracking; pretty much everything in one place. This reduces data and operational redundancy to ensures organizational integrity.
  • All data in one place, faster tracking, simplicity of usage and Go-Mobile leads to faster operations. This means focused sales rather than time spent on updating multiple software. Access lead, customer and product information On-The-Go and stay up to date. This leads to increased productivity.
  • Get real time insights into your business using different kinds of reports and graphs. Features like sales forecasting help in planning better. Better Analytics leads to Better Insights. Better Insights lead to Better and informed Decision Making.

How will BRIQUECRM fit my business

BRIQUECRM has flavors for different verticals that are desperately in need of streamlined customer and/or loyalty management.

  • A Generic implementation of Sales management CRM software involves management of Sales leads, followups and communication details and tracking the project status, stages of customers such as documentation, negotiation, finalization etc. It also helps to track contract details of customer.
  • A Real Estate implementation involves tracking details about a customer inquiries, followups, purchase of a property, details of lease contracts and payment schedules etc. It also tracks details of available or booked flats, builder’s material inventory, details for the related vendor and their contract details etc.
  • Our Service Industry flavor of BRIQUECRM software helps organizations track Warranties, visits, AMCs, After Sales service, etc. in detail with the help of this system.This is one of the special features of BRIQUECRM in service sector. It has been upgraded with the features of customer complaints, payment tracking, contract tracking and inventory management.

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